Stage Two

Thursday 18  January 2018

Masterton - Gladstone circuit - Masterton
Distance 120km

Start time: 10.00am
Finish time: 1.30pm (approximately)

Start: Solway Hotel - Neutralised
Official Race start: Johnstone St – by Hullena Park
Finish: Johnstone St – by Hullena Park

START LINE in the Carpark of the Copthorne Hotel, turning LEFT onto High Street, to travel neutralised north through Masterton.

Veering LEFT into Chapel Street at the 1st Round-A-Bout (Kuripuni), continuing STRAIGHT AHEAD through the 2nd and 3rd Round-A-Bout’s (Renall Street) and (McDonalds), veering RIGHT into Dixon St, LEFT onto Church St, RIGHT onto Colombo Rd, LEFT onto Johnstone St.

Best place to view

Be at the Millars Road hill to watch riders climbing the hill, Before last lap up the hill make sure you go to the finish at Jhonstone St in Masterton.


Riders race from Masterton towards Gladstone. At Gladstone riders will complete 4 laps of a 30km circuit before returning to the finish in Masterton.

0.0km Race Start – Hullena Sports Ground.
2.2 km Continue onto Te Whiti Rd towards Gladstone Rd
15.5 km Right Turn onto Gladstone Rd
24.3 km Left Turn onto Carters Line
25.5 km Veer Left onto Nix Rd
28.7 km Go onto Kokotau Rd
32.7 km Left Turn onto Ponatahi Rd
34.5km Go onto Millar’s Rd
38.0 km Left turn onto Longbush Rd.
44.3 km LEFT Turn onto Gladstone Rd – Riders to complete two more laps
74.1km Riders to complete one more lap
104.5 km Continue onto Te Whiti Rd towards the finish
116.8km Go past Manaia Road on Left.
118.2km Continue onto Te Whiti Rd
120km Finish

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