Stage Two - Hydro heat

Thursday 24  January 2019

Cambridge – Roto O Rangi – Pukeatua – Lake Karapiro

Competitors will ride the path of hydro-energy in Waipā. Take in the rolling farmlands of Roto-o-rangi, a peat bog that was drained for farmland when European settlers arrived, before hitting the mighty Waikato River. Why not watch from one of Waipā’s recreation areas as riders make their way from Lake Arapuni, past Horahora and finish at the last hydro installation at Lake Karāpiro – home to a wealth of both European and Māori history.

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Distance: 129km
Convoy Assembly Time: 9.45am
Convoy Assembly Location: St Peter’s School - Cambridge
Start Time: 10.00am
Neutral Race Control: 7.5km
Race Start Location: Roto O Rangi Road
Finish Time: 1.35pm (est.)
Finish Location: Lake Karapiro

NEUTRALISED START from St Peter’s School towards the start at Cambridge Road. Route is Cambridge Rd, Hamilton Rd, Right onto Victoria St – go over the bridge and turn right onto Pope Tce, Left onto Wordsworth St, Right onto Carlyle Rd, Roto O Rangi Rd. Race start 200 meter pass Lamb St.

Best place to view

There are many spots to watch the race on stage two but be ready to be at Karapiro before the finish at approximate 1.30pm


10.00am      StartSt Peter’s School - Cambridge - Neutralised for Approx. 7.5 km
10.15am        0.0km Race start Roto O Rangi Rd - 200 meter pass Lamb St - Leamington
                       4.1 km Turn left onto Norwegian Rd
                       8.1 km Turn left onto Kairangi Rd
                       14.7 km Turn left onto Robinson Rd .
10.35am        16.5km SPRINT
                       20.4 km Turn left to stay on Kairangi Rd (Norwegan Rd on right)
                       22.3 km Turn left onto Roto O Rangi Rd .
                       23.0 km Veer Left to stay on Roto O Rangi Rd
                       26.9 km Turn left onto Parklands Rd .
  11.00am      30.6 km Go straight ahead on Parklands Rd – Puahue Rd on Right
                       33.2 km Turn right onto Monckton Rd
                       35.5 km Turn Left onto Arapuni Rd
 11..15am      46.4 km Go past Pukeatua School
                        52.5 km Veer Left to stay on Arapuni Rd
                        55.2 km Go over Arapunui Damp – Narrow line
                        56.8 km Turn right onto Darby Rd .
                        58.8 km Turn right onto Lake Arapuni Rd.
                        62.5 km Go past Jones Landing Rd. (on right)
11.45am         66.8 km Sprint
                        68.3 km Veer Right at Waotu Hall to stay on Lake Arapuni Rd
                        71.7 km Veer Left to stay on Wiltsdown Rd
12.10pm         80.8 km Right Turn right onto Old Taupo Rd. Major Intersection
                         83.4 km Start KOM.
                         84.8km Top KOM
                         90.0 km Cross Waotu Rd to stay on Old Taupo Rd (Straight ahead)
                         95.00 km Sprint
                         96.4 km Left Turn left onto Huihuitaha Rd
                         97.2 km Turn right onto Lake Arapuni Rd
12.45pm          102.8 km Turn left onto Arapuni Rd
                         100.5 km Go past the Damp
                         103.3 km Sharp right onto Oreipunga Rd
                         105.9 km Start KOM
                         108.4km Top KOM

                         115.9 km Veer Left to stay on Oreipunga Rd
12.55pm         116.0 km Continue straight onto Maungatautari Rd
                        129.27 km Continue on Maungatautari Rd
13.35pm         129.0 km Finish - Karapiro