Stage Three  Te ara roa – The long road

Friday 25 January 2019

Te Awamutu – Parawera – Wharepapa South – Korakonui – Wharepapa South – Korakonui – Waikeria – Te Kawa – Pokuru – Te Awamutu
The longest of the five stages, this race goes from the Te Awamutu township past the historic frontier town of Kihikihi. Looping around through the Ōtorohanga district, you’ll return past Mt Kakepuku and finish back in the centre of Te Awamutu.

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Distance: 152km
Start Time: 10.00am
Race Start Location: Albert Park - Te Awamutu
Finish Time: 1.55pm (est.)
Finish Location: Victoria Park - Te Awamutu

Race start from Albert Park - Te Awamutu, travel neutralised towards the start via Albert Park Drive and Cambridge Road - Race start at Cambridge Road (by Gleneagles Drive)

Best place to view

There are many options to watch the race in this stage, Parawera, Wharepuhunga or Wharepapa but make sure you are at Bank St outside Victoria Park for the stage finish.

Stage Route

10.00am Start Te Awamutu Rugby Sports Club - Te Awamutu
Neutralised for Approx. 3 km

10.10am         0.0km Race start at Puahue Rd
                        8.6 km Turn right onto Parawera Rd
                        12.8 km Turn right onto Arapuni Rd
                        13.1 km Left turn onto Owairaka Valley Rd
10.40am        14.00 km Head south on Owairaka Valley Rd towards Mellsop Rd
                       27.5 km Turn right onto Wharepapa South Rd .
                       30.5 km Wharepapa South Rd becomes Seafund Rd
                       33.9 km Turn right onto Bayley Rd
11.15am        36.8 km Continue Left onto Lethbridge Rd
                       40.9 km Turn left onto Wharepuhunga Rd .
                        51.5 km Turn right onto Ngaroma Rd
                        55.0 km Veer right to continue on Ngaroma Rd
11.45am         56.4km Start KOM
                        57.5km Top KOM
                        68.7 km Turn left to stay on Ngaroma Rd
                        69.0 km Ngaroma Rd becomes Wairehi Rd
12.20pm         75.4 km Veer right to stay on Wairehi Rd
                         80.7 km Turn left onto Waipapa Rd
                         88.3 km Turn left onto Kahorekau Rd
12.30pm          93.1 km Turn right onto Aotearoa Rd
                         103.4 km Go left to stay on Aotearoa Rd
                         104.2 km Aotearoa Rd become Wharepapa South Rd
12.45pm          105.5 km Continue on Wharepapa South Rd
                         106.2 km Wharepapa South Rd becomes Seafund Rd
                         110.6 km Turn right onto Bayley Rd
                        112.8 km Bayley Rd becomes Lethbridge Rd
                        117.6 km Right turn onto Wharepuhunga Rd (20km to Te Awamutu sign)
                        117.2 km Go past Korakonui School
                        125.0 km        Cross SH3 to Continue onto Te Kawa Rd
13.30pm         137.4 km Turn right onto Pokuru Rd
                        151.1 km Continue onto Puniu Rd .
                        151.5km Veer left onto Bank St
13.55pm          152.0 km Finish Bank St - outside Victoria Park