Stage Four Te piki – The climb

Saturday 26 January 2019

Cambridge – Pukemoremore – Richmond Downs – Hobbiton Movie Set – Karapiro Rd - Maungakawa Hill – Te Miro - Maungakawa Hill
This race circles the maunga, Pukemako. Take in the Hobbiton Movie Set as riders make their way around the stage, through the WWI soldier settlement of Te Miro, finishing with a tough climb to the peak formerly known as Maungakawa Scenic Reserve. This area is often referred to by locals as Sanatorium Hill after an open air sanatorium for tuberculosis sufferers that was established here in 1902. 

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Distance: 143.8km
Start Time: 12.00 noon
Start Location: St Peter’s School - Cambridge
Neutral Race Control: 4.5km
Race Start Location: McLean St Playground – Thornton Rd
Finish Time: 16.10pm (est.)
Finish Location: Top of Maungakawa Hill

Riders start from St Peter’s School - Cambridge and travel neutralised towards McLean St Playground via Cambridge Road, Hamilton Road, Thornton Road. Race start by McLean St Playground.

Best place to view

Stage four, Te piki - The climb is the “Queen Stage” of the 2019 NZ Cycle Classic. The stage includes a cluster of demanding hill climbs and which riders can expect more than four hours in the saddle, especially if the Waipa region turns on one of its hot, sunny summer days. One of the steepest hill climbs of the tour waits for the riders when they climb over Maungakawa Hill twice. Between the start and finish of this stage riders will complete a total of eight hill climbs, amounting to almost the equivalent of a 2478 meters above sea level.

Stage Route

12.00noon Start St Peter’s School - Cambridge - Neutralised for Approx. 4.5 km

12.10pm                   0.0km McLean St Playground – Thornton Rd
                                  1.5 km East Head east on Thornton Rd toward Maungakawa Rd
                                 1.7 km Go left onto Maungakawa Rd
                                 3.3 km Turn left onto Fencourt Rd
                                 4.0 km Continue on Fencourt Rd toward Victoria Rd
                                 7.1km BNZ Sprint
12.25pm                 10.5 km Turn right onto Victoria Rd/State Highway 1B
                                17.5 km Turn right onto Tauwhare Rd
12.40pm                 20.3 km Turn right onto Tahuroa Rd
                                 22.0 km Turn left to stay on Tahuroa Rd
                                33.5 km Turn right onto Morrinsville-Walton Rd
                                37.6 km Turn left onto Kiwitahi Station Rd
13.10pm                 40.8 km Turn right onto Milliken Rd - Before railway line
                                46.6 km Turn left onto Morrinsville-Walton Rd
                               50.4 km Turn right onto Piakoiti Rd
                               53.6 km Veer right to stay on Piakoiti Rd
13.40pm                57.2 km Piakoiti Rd becomes Henry Watson Rd
                               64.5 km Turn right onto Matai Rd
                               67.4 km Turn right onto Puketutu Rd
                               69.8 km Turn right onto Buckland Rd
                               72.00km Start KOM
                               74.5 km Go past Hobbiton Movie Set – Top KOM
14.25pm               86.5 km Continue onto Karapiro Rd - Straight Ahead
                              88.9 km Turn right onto Whitehall Rd
                              93.5 km Continue onto French Pass Rd
                              95.3 km Turn left to stay on French Pass Rd
14.55pm              99.3 km Go past Tour of Duty Farm
                             102.2 km Turn right onto Maungakawa Rd
                             104.1 km Start KOM
                             107.3 km Top KOM
Riders continue towards Te Miro to complete a 36km lap.
15.10pm             110.5 km Left turn to stay on Maungakawa Rd
                            114.1 km Veer right onto Te Miro Rd
15.25pm             119.7 km Turn left onto Brunskill Rd
                            128.7 km Turn right onto French Pass Rd
                            130.5 km Turn left to stay on French Pass Rd
15.45pm             137.4 km Turn right onto Maungakawa Rd
                            140km Start KOM
                            142.7 km Sharp right onto Gudex Rd
16.10pm              143.8 km Finish KOM