Stage Five

Sunday 27 January 2019

Cambridge Circuit – Riders will do eight laps of each circuit, total distance per circuit 8km.

Convoy Assembly Location: St Peter’s School - Cambridge
Start Time: 10.00am
Distance: 134km
Start Location: Cambridge
Neutral Race Control: 7.5.0km
Race Start Location: Peak Rd – Cambridge
Finish Time: 1.20pm (est.)
Finish Location: Queen St – Cambridge

Riders start from the St Peter’s School - Cambridge, travel neutralised for 9.5km to the start via Cambridge Rd, Right onto Vogel St, Left onto Queen St, Left onto Victoria St, Left onto Hamilton Rd, Right onto Vogel St, Abergeldie Way, Left onto Racecourse Rd and Right onto Peake Rd – race start at Peak Rd.

Best place to view

Find a place anywhere around the circuit. Maybe walk your own lap during the race getting different perspectives on the way around. Make sure you are at Queen St befoe the finish.

Stage Route

0 km RACE START – Peake Rd
2.9km Turn Left onto Pickering Rd
6.1 km Go around R/about under the bridge and turn Right onto Tamahere Dr - Enter circuit 1
7.3km Turn left onto Day Rd
8.6km Turn left onto Pencarrow Rd
13.8km Go onto Tamahere Rd to complete lap one
Riders complete seven more laps of 8.2km circuit.

71.0km At the endo of eight lap, turn Right onto Pikering Rd to complete six laps of a 8km circuit.
72.5km Turn Right onto Discombe Rd to enter circuit 2
74.2km Turn Left onto Hautapu Rd
75.4km Turn Left onto Peake Rd
77.4km Turn Left onto PickeringRd
79.1km Turn Left onto Discombe Rd to finish lap one of circuit 2
Complete six more circuits
127km At the end of lap six, continue Turn Left onto Peake Rd.
128.6km Turn Left onto Racecourse Rd
131km Turn Right onto Abergeldia Way.
131.7km Go Right onto Vogel St
133.5 Turn Left onto Queen St
134km Finish - Queen St

Stage Map