Did you know riders can reach speeds in excess of 60 kilometres per hour during the race?   The following tips are for your safety as spectators, and the safety of the competitors.

• Plan your journey and consider all travel options available to you
Check for road closures / rolling road closures.
• Arrive at your chosen spectating spot at least 30 minutes before the race is due to arrive
• Bring a picnic and enjoy the setting even before and after the race has gone past
• Bring drums, bells, musical instruments; anything to make heaps of noise!
• Fancy dress is good too!
• Please take your litter home with you. The Grassroots Trust New Zealand Cycle Classic is showcasing the best of Waikato scenery to the world, so please respect your surroundings
• Be prepared for all weather conditions! Waiting for the riders you might need waterproofs or hopefully sun cream!

A safe race does have some rules

• Always obey the instructions of police and motorcycle escort marshals, volunteer marshals and race staff, whose aim is to make the race pass safely and enjoyably for you and fellow spectators.
• We hope to inspire future generations of cyclists, but please keep young children away from the roadside; these bikes are travelling very fast!
• Please do not bring your dog. Dogs and high speed cyclists really do not mix well.
• To assist, please do not park on the route, at stage start or finish locations. Some static road closures may be in force and some car parks unavailable, so please plan your route in advance and expect some delays.

General safety tips

• Do not stand on the road, especially if the roads are closed.
• Stand/sit well back from the edges of the road. Cyclists will often use the edges of the road to overtake.
• Cyclists at times travel at speeds in excess of 60 kilometres per hour. They cannot swerve or stop suddenly to avoid objects or people in their way. Cycling can be a dangerous sport for both competitors and spectators. Riders and support vehicles at times use both sides of the road. 
• Do not attempt to touch riders.
• Do not hold objects in the path of riders during the race i.e. flags or cameras.
• Do not leave or throw any object onto the road.
• Do not hold selfie sticks or go-pros over the barriers to capture race footage.
• Listen for advance warnings from race officials and race commentators.
• Monitor children and prams at all times. Prams should not be left by the edge of the road.
• Keep pets on a leash and well back from the road at all times.
• Take all rubbish with you when you leave the area.