13 - 17 January 2021
a UCI 2.2 event

Entries for this event are now open

As per Article 2.1.005 of the UCI Regulations, this event is open to the following teams:

  • UCI Professional Continental Teams
  • UCI Continental Teams
  • National Teams
  • Regional and Club Teams

Overseas teams wishing to participate in the 2021 New Zealand Cycle Classic please contact the race director. Teams are of six riders per team.

New Zealand Riders

Entry for the 2021 NZ Cycle Classic is now open to New Zealand elite riders. Riders can enter individually or as a team.

The entry is free of charge and under the following conditions:

1. Entry fee, meals and accommodation is free of charge to riders placed on composite teams.  All New Zealand riders wanting to participate in the 2021 NZ Cycle Classic must apply for a place on a composite team. Teams are of six riders per team, riders are invited to enter individually or as a team of six riders. Riders who enter individually will be placed on a composite team. All composite teams will be provided uniforms by race organisers. Any rider/team who wishes to enter and use their own team and use their own uniforms must contact the race director.

2. Entry application does not guarantee inclusion or a start in the 2021 NZ Cycle Classic. Acceptance and selection of teams/riders is at the discretion of the Race Director. All riders/teams accepted in the tour will be notified by email before the 20th December 2020.

3. Applications to enter Close on Friday 19th December 2020. Please email these to the Race Director, Jorge Sandoval. Please Note: Entries received after this date may not be accepted.

4. Accommodation/meals - Riders/teams accepted in the NZ Cycle Classic will have their meals and accommodation free of charge.  All riders must be in Masterton no later than 12 noon on Wednesday 13th January 2021 and then depart on Sunday 17th January 2021.
Unless pre-arranged with the Race Director, accommodation is booked from Wednesday 13th January 2021 to Sunday 17th January 2021. Any rider/manager wanting to come early or stay late, the cost is NZ$130 per person per day and includes hotel, dinner and breakfast.

5. Team Manager: All teams must have a Team Manager and an assistant to be able to start the UCI event. It is the responsibility of the riders on a composite team to appoint a suitable team manager and provide a team car for the team. According to UCI regulations, team cars must not be more than 1.6m high.

6. Race clothing provided by the Race Organisers, must be worn at all times during competition and at publicity sessions and presentations. Failure to do so may result in disqualification and/or suspension/fine. Failure to wear Team or Leaders Jersey at all presentations will not be tolerated. Riders not wearing Team or Leaders Jerseys for stage presentations will not be allowed on to the presentation area and will forfeit prize money for that stage. All entrants accepted shall agree to allow their photographed and televised images recorded or transmitted during the event, to be utilised for publicity purposes by the organisers on behalf of the major and subsidiary sponsors.

7. Please note that a 2021 license from all riders and managers will be required and must be produced prior to the start of the event.


For any more information please contact;

Race Director
Jorge Sandoval
+64 274 464 300 or on email