About the event

In 2019 the New Zealand Cycle Classic will celebrate its 32nd anniversary. 

It has been thirty two years of evolution from a two day event, run as the Angus Inn Cycle Classic in 1988, to the major international event it is today.

The New Zealand Cycle Classic is the only UCI 2.2 event staged in New Zealand.

WHEN: 23 - 27  January 2019

WHERE: Stages for the 2019 New Zealand Cycle Classic will take place in the Waikato region.

TELEVISION: News clips of the day’s racing are shown every night on TV One and TV 3 news programs. A one-hour documentary is made and shown a number of times on Sky TV and overseas channels.

NEWSPAPERS: The Tour is covered by most newspapers and sports magazines around the country.

WHY: The Tour is a major international cycle race and generates significant economic impact and media exposure to all sponsors and the towns involved. In its 32 year history the NZ Cycle Classic has developed a rich history. The Tour has grown to become one of the most important races on the Oceania calendar, with riders from all around the world competing then continuing on to join the professional ranks.

WHO: In the past few years riders such as Robbie McEwen, (three times winner of the points jersey as well as stages in the Tour de France), Matthew Lloyd, Matthew White, Richie Porte, Jay McCarthy as well as New Zealander’s George Bennet, Jack Bauer, Chris Jenner, Julian Dean, Greg Henderson among others have given New Zealand and the event great credibility and interest globally.


1988 Darien Rush
1989 Brian Fowler
1990 Brian Fowler
1991 Brian Fowler
1992 Brian Fowler
1993 Clark Richards
1994 Ric Reid
1995 Robbie McEwen - Australia
1996 Ric Reid
1997 Corey Sweet - Australia
1998 Hayden Bradbury - Australia
1999 Julian Dean - US Postal
2000 Brendon Vesty
2001 Chris Jenner - Credit Agricole
2002 Robin Reid
2003 Matthew Yates
2004 Eric Wohlberg - Canada
2005 Matthew Lloyd - Australia
2006 Hayden Roulston
2007 Hayden Roulston
2008 Travis Meyer - Australia
2009 Peter McDonald - Australia
2010 Michael Torckler - New Zealand
2011 George Bennett - New Zealand
2012 Jay McCarthy - Australia
2013 Nathan Earle - Australia
2014 Michael Vink - New Zealand
2015 Taylor Gunman - New Zealand
2016 Ben O'Connor - Australia
2017 Joseph Cooper - New Zealand
2018 Hayden McCormick - New Zealand

2019  Aaron Gate - New Zealand